About Us

JBS Consulting Services Company was formed in 2005. We assist our clients in the medical device, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industries. We provide a full range of statistical consulting for non-clinical and clinical studies tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. We take pride in producing high quality report writings. We have many highly satisfactory clients of mid-size biotechnology and medical device firms in the US.


We are proficient in agreement studies, clinical studies, product surveillance, statistical process control (SPC), bioassay development and validation, product stability, design of experiment, observational studies, viral assay and inactivation process validation, marketing research, outcome research, pharmacokinetics and compartmental modeling, and litigation, etc.

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1589 Triton Street
Carlsbad CA 92011
760-814-8891 (office)
760-809-5692 (cell)
info@jbsconsultingservices.com or equeilin@gmail.com