Design of Experiment (DOE)  

We assist our clients in performing screening experiment to reduce the process dimensions into a manageable number of factors by identifying relevant and important factors.  We design D-optimal experiment that minimize number of runs to extract the most process information.  We design response surface experiment to identify the best combination point of independent process variables.      

Observational Studies

Assist our clients on the design and analysis of non-randomized prospective or retrospective observational studies.


We have many years of experience in supporting studies of biological systems. This includes pre-clinical animal safety and pharmacokinetic studies, in-vivo and in-vitro laboratory research data, and mathematical modeling of biologic systems.

Viral Assay and Inactivation Process Validation

We have experience with statistical design and analysis on viral assay validation and inactivation process validation.

Statistical Marketing Research

We are proficient in survey research.  We help our clients conduct customer requirements surveys and provide concrete results and potential improvements.

Pharmacokinetic Compartmental Analysis

We are experienced in kinetic modeling as it pertains to modeling the in-vivo or patient’s absorption, distribution, and elimination (half-life, t-max, c-max, area under the curve, etc.).  We have working knowledge for establishing bioequivalence on bioavailability of absorbed compounds.

Outcome Research

We assist our clients in the area of outcome research as it pertains to the improved outcomes of patients with end-stage renal disease treated in particular centers relative to national mortality data from the United States Renal Data System (USRDS) registry.


We assist our clients in providing statistical evidence on patent infringement lawsuits.  Our work has provided a clear and convincing statistical analysis of the lab experiments when the other side questioned the validity of the experimental results.