Agreement Statistics

We assist our clients designing experiments and analyzing data for assessing and/or validating agreement in assays, instruments, methods, scoring systems, processes, and laboratories etc.  Our Principal Consultant, Dr. Lawrence Lin, has been recognized as one of world leaders* in agreement statistics.  He published a book entitled Statistical Tools for Measuring Agreement  productFlyer_978-1-4614-0561-0[1].  Please read the book review by International Statistics Institute: Agreement Book Review by ISI.  Please visit here to purchase this book.  You may download most of SAS and R macros, SAS programs for examples and data sets used in the book by visiting the Download menu.  The following websites contain web tools for all of the calculation needed relating to the book.

Basis agreement statistics for constant error case in Chapter 2

Basic agreement statistics for proportional error case in Chapter 2

Unified agreement statistics in Chapters 3 and 5

TIR and IIR in Chapter 6


*: Dr. Lin is the original author and developer of the concordance correlation coefficient (CCC) in Biometrics, 1989.  The CCC has evolved into a commonly used and frequently cited method for measuring agreement.  An article appeared in American Statistician (Nov. 4, 2010) published by the American Statistical Association, entitled ‘Identifying Key Statistical Papers from 1985 to 2002 Using Citation Data for Applied Biostatisticians’.  This article selects the 59 most influential papers among about 12,000 papers from 12 reputable statistical journals.  The article ranks the original CCC 1989 Biometrics paper as 21st most influential.  According to the article, this paper has had about 139 citations per year since 2008 and the numbers of citations is growing exponentially.  Dr. Lin is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.